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Operation LAMB

A Program of the Knights of Columbus in North Carolina to Assist Kids with Intellectual Disabilities.

The LAMB Foundation gets its name from an acronym from the biblical quotation: "Whatsoever you do to the Least Among My Brethren, that you do also to me." Matthew 25:40

Helping people help themselves since its inception in 1974, nearly $15 million has been raised with this program in our state. The primary means of support for Operation LAMB is the Tootsie Roll Drive. Each year, the Knights of Columbus, their families and friends stand long hours outside shopping centers. They offer free Tootsie Rolls to all passers by and ask for donations to assist those with Intellectual Disabilities. Their smiling faces and bright yellow aprons have become familiar sights throughout the state.

Thanks to the generosity of the shoppers of North Carolina and corporate sponsors, in 2005 alone, the membership and volunteers collected $948,106.48 to help these special citizens across the state. In 2006, we hope to build on the past successes of this drive and raise one million dollars for this worthwhile charity. In 2007, our council alone raised more than $ 8,400 to go to be distributed to worthy programs in our area that both help these kids and research for a preventative cure.

The LAMB Foundation is an extremely effective and efficient use of your charity dollars. There are no paid employees. The foundation is administered by volunteers. There are no fancy headquarters. We work out of homes, churches and council halls. Additional donations from individuals and local companies cover the overhead cost of candy and aprons. All money "raised on the street" goes directly to programs helping people that are afflicted with the varied forms of Intellectual Disabilities. Grants are approved on the local council level and the state level without regard to race, color, religious affiliation.

For more information contact Tony Morano
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