UPDATE Fwd: Official obituary for Fr Tighe has been posted with donation

Worthy Brother Knights,

Our Brother Joe Webb wanted to make sure that all Brothers who wanted to donate in Fr Tighe’s name would find this helpful: FatherTighe Had previously set up a fund of financial assistance for seminarian training in the Latin Mass. If you read to the bottom of the his obituary you will see the link for donations for this Fund that he founded.

Here is the link for Father Tighe’s obituary:

Here is the information from the obituary:

“During his life, Father Tighe founded a fund to provide financial assistance for the training of servers assisting in the celebration of the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite and seminarian training in the Latin Mass. To donate to that fund, visit www.foundationdor.org/donate/endowments-donate/ and select the Diocese: Summorum Pontificum Endowment Fund from the dropdown menu.“

> From: Joseph Webb <drjoewebb@yahoo.com>
> Date: September 5, 2020 at 5:49:38 AM EDT
> To: Joseph Palko <josephapalkojr@yahoo.com>
> Subject: Official obituary for Fr Tighe has been posted
> https://dioceseofraleigh.org/news/obituary-father-philip-m-tighe
> it has a link for donations
> it is a specific fund that he started for training of servers for the Latin Mass and for the training of seminarians to preside in the Mass
> there are some photos at the end

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