Gould House Yardwork

Much of the required work has already been completed this morning so there is no longer a need for additional help this evening.
Thanks and God bless,
Mike Potochnik

On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 12:16:24 PM EDT, Chris Irving <chrisdirving@yahoo.com> wrote:

Mike – Sorry if this is fluid. Terry and Mike were able to knock out a good portion of the work today which is great. Therefore I think the 6p crew we have is enough, no need for more guys. Chris
On Wednesday, May 8, 2019, 10:43:55 AM EDT, Mike Potochnik <mrpotochnik@yahoo.com> wrote:

We could use a few more hands this evening to help out with yard work for Nicole.  The plan is to start around 6 pm.  Please call or text Chris Irving at 919-306-7010, if you can help. 
The address is 10125 San Remo Pl, Wake Forest.
Chris has the details on the work that needs to be done below.  Thanks to all of you who have already committed to helping out and a huge thank you to Chris for coordinating.
Vivat Jesus!
Mike Potochnik
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Here is the update:
– I don’t have the backstory but landscaper has stepped up and had committed to doing the regular lawn mowing all season at no charge and they mowed the lawn yesterday so that is done. – Juan and I went through what Nicole wanted and what we observed needed to be done last night and what equipment Jeremy has.- The overall plan is as follows:    – Mike Pughes and Terry Maher are coordinating delivering 50 bales of pine straw to the house today.
    – Guys are meeting at the house at 6p to do the work.     – So far it is myself, Terry Maher, Eric Rollins (& Son), and I think a maybe from Matt Stein (& Son). Should be enough guys but a few more wouldn’t go to waste.    – Mark Downey is not available until Thursday morning so he can cover anything we don’t accomplish or if we run out of straw, etc.
– Work Plan For 6p:    – Trim bushes, edge beds, weed and spray weedkiller.
    – Then spread straw.
    – Also pressure wash back patio and furniture.
– Equipment/Supplies     – Pine Straw, 50 – Maher/Pughes
    – Pressure washer, Jeremy has one.
    – Hedge trimmer, Irving / Maher
    – Rake, Irving / Maher
    – Sprayer, Irving / Maher
    – Weedkiller, Rollins
Note on AC. Great that we have leads on this but the repair last week is currently holding and expected to last a few weeks. I think it is best to hold off on any further repair attempts until next week after Jeremy’s funeral.
I can be reached at 919-306-7010 via call or text if anyone else is available tonight. Depending on the crew should take 1-2 hours.
In Christ,
Chris Irving

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