Fw: Hank Pierwola Update

Pete Lambert has provided another update on Hank Pierwola’s progress.
Please continue to keep our brother Hank in your prayers.
God bless,
SK Mike Potochnik, GKKnights of Columbus, Council 11234St. Catherine of Siena, Wake Forest, NChttp://kofc11234.org

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I visited with Hank yesterday and his spirits remain good. He is in his wheel chair as is able to get around on his own.

He has been released by all but one area; so he will not be coming home tomorrow as planned. he will be at least another week before he can come home. He is looking  forward to getting home and back to his normal routine. He is getting stronger and better with his walking. He expects physical therapy to released him next week as he gets better with his walker and distance he can walk increases.


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