Fw: Hank Pierwola Update

Here is an updated on Hank from our brother Pete.
Vivat Jesus!
Mike Potochnik

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I visited with Hank yesterday and he is recovering well. He is now working on building up his strength and hoping to be discharged to a rehab facility within the next week or two.

He has been given a rolling walker to help with his walking. He needs to relearn his balance due to his previous surgery and 2 stays in the hospital.

At this time Hank and his family are looking for a bed in a rehab center and Hank is hopeful one will open up at the VA Hospital. His estimate stay in a rehab facility will be about 2 weeks.

He continues to request no visitors at this time as he is still on antibiotics and tires easily.

He is in good spirits and looking forward to getting home soon.


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